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FLIT Invest: 
Sustainable Investing 


FLIT Invest is an automated impact investing app that aligns your investments with your values. Users can invest money into values they care about such as Climate Solutions, Equality, Affordable Healthcare, etc. Users are able to reach financial goals while also creating a measurable environmental impact. 

My Role

As a Spring and Summer FLIT Invest design intern, I played a key role in the development of the upcoming sustainable investment app. In the Spring, I developed several key graphics and icons for sustainable values within the app, contributed to the website redesign, and designed and prototyped multiple screens.


In the summer, I became more involved with the User Research team to create and run usability tests, analyze user feedback, and curated a research report and presentation.

6 Months

Tools Used
Figma, Illustrator, Teams, ClickUp, Maze, Dovetail


While at FLIT, I worked with a small design team on several small UX/UI projects and collaborated closely with the UX researchers. After switching to focusing on UX research during the summer, I was inversely still working closely with the designers. Our workflow consisted of independent work, stand-ups, weekly workshops, and extra meetings when deemed necessary.

During stand-ups, we would provide updates of individual progress and also introduce any blockers that would have hindered progress. This keeps everyone productive and informed.


Workshops consisted of sharing work for critique and feedback as well as discussions about designing certain screens while working together in real time.


If we were assigned a task with another person, it was our responsibility to have outside meetings and coordinate as needed. This required following up with teammates and extra collaboration.

Extra Meetings

UX/UI Design

Value Icons

One of the primary tasks I was involved in was creating icons/components for the FLIT app and website. I created 13 icons for the sustainable values you can invest in, exclusions, etc. They had to be versatile, scalable, and recognizable for our users. After gathering inspiration and getting feedback from fellow designers, I designed and created the SVG icons in Adobe Illustrator.


Icon inspiration and ideas


Final value icons

Graphics and Diagrams

Given a detailed overview of the major requirements for each graphic or diagram, I made several graphics/diagrams for the FLIT website and mailing list. These graphics were crucial because they needed to be versatile and reusable. The funnel graphic in particular was used on a report and on the website pages.


Graphics made in Figma

Impact Screens Iterative Process

A major redesign project I worked on was reworking the Impact Screens within the application. These screens display the impact that you have made from your sustainable investments. The main priorities were making the screens more engaging, user-friendly, and effective in portraying impact. We had workshops to discuss the initial changes that needed to be made, design and iterate based on weekly feedback, and design based off of usability tests and research.


Old screens and new wireframe exploration sketches

First working medium-fidelity prototypes and iterations after feedback.


High-fidelity explorations on Impact Details main page


The final screen design incorporated personal elements, an impact progress bar, and understandable metrics. Users are able to view their direct impact and Sustainable Development Goals without confusion and have an incentive to revisit the pages

Website Redesign

After going through a branding redesign, FLIT required an updated website as well. I designed the About Us page on the website which wasn't outlined or made in the previous version. Priorities included creating an effective hero image, displaying FLIT's purpose and journey, highlighting values of the company, and including its partnerships. The design team went through a process with several sessions of feedback and iterations. Some challenges included keeping the design consistent across different pages and coordinating graphics/images.


Website about page redesign progress

In the process, I also created several components for the website and About Us page specifically. The important waitlist component was at the bottom of several pages, incentivizing more users to join and become interested in the app itself.

website components.png

Website components

Other Screens

Other screens that I was involved with helping design were the SDG detail page, landing pages, and document center. The SDG detail pages involved experimenting with placement and visual hierarchy while the landing pages involved creating hero illustrations and making important color decisions.


Other designed screens

Prioritizing Feedback

Throughout my time at FLIT by hearing other people's perspectives, I was able to improve and be more creative as a designer. My experience led me to greater appreciate the weekly critiques as well as the work we actively did together as a design team. Critiques are sometimes a challenge when teams are afraid to speak out first or sugarcoat responses. These situations not only push me to speak out first more, but also to realize the value of true criticism. For the workplace, proper critiques and the ability to have quality feedback are now one of my higher values.

Screen Shot 2022-11-06 at 4.31.57 PM.png

Critique and feedback notes

User Research

Usability Testing

During the summer session, I became involved with the UX research team and worked with industry tools to conduct proper usability tests and interviews. In the span of two months, I helped conduct three usability tests, interviewed an influencer, analyzed onboarding beta testing interviews, etc. Usability tests were created in Maze and all reports/insights were compiled in Dovetail.

maze results.png

Maze heat and click map results

Final Research Report

At the end of my internship, I put together a comprehensive overview with insights and takeaways from all the UX research and interviews I conducted that summer. It was a 19-page report (kept confidential) and presentation in front of the larger FLIT team, prioritizing user feedback and future opportunities for designers. 

Screen Shot 2022-11-06 at 4.58.25 PM.png

Synthesized ux research report


Working in a professional setting, I experienced firsthand the processes and standards for producing a real-life digital product. Not only did I grow creatively as a designer, but I also became more fluent in the software and learned to navigate or collaborate with different teams. Collaboration can be difficult across teams so communication became a number one priority, which also trained me to constantly check in with others or confirm certain decisions. Overall, I feel prepared to apply what I learned moving forward as I advance in my career and I'm excited for what is to come.

Screen Shot 2022-05-13 at 3.30.48 PM.png

Last day of spring session

Check out my other work as well here.

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