Different design projects aimed to solve an array of problems or bring people together. There are explorations into technology, architecture, graphic design, interior design, etc. 

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Meant for college students and active persons, the Apple Watch Max combines the high powered functions of the iPhone with the convenience of the Apple Watch. The bendable OLED screen, high water resistance level, and the customizable back band make it a universal product. After researching current trends and analyzing comparables, the product was created to combine the positives from other products as well as include new UX designs meant to improve the safety of the buyer.

Procreate, Adobe Indesign


An architectural model of a modern library, created with recycled paper, plastic, and cardboard. 7 main spaces with study areas, interactive children areas, computer stations, and even art installations. Completely furnished with cut paper figures for scale. The building calls for awareness on the diminishing role of libraries and their importance. The use of recycled materials promotes sustainable building practices and conveys the increasingly dangerous issue of climate change. The library itself is inclusive and invites human connection, promoting more bonds and relationships in our society.

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The UniCafe is designed to be united, universal, and unique, providing a space for the community to come together and enjoy specially made teas and coffees. The type of drinks come from all over the globe, ranging from Jamaican coffee to Chinese herbal teas. The 2,112 square foot space is divided to provide something for everyone, including an interactive play area to individual hightop bar seating near windows. The main floor to ceiling windows near the entrance and the skylight provide sunlight and open the overall space up.

Sketch Up, Vray and Adobe Illustrator


Because I was on the West Ranch Swim Team I have put on a countless number of caps. I couldn't help but notice that a majority of swimmers ask others to help them put their cap on. Therefore, I wanted to make a five-step illustrated guide on how to put on a swim cap by yourself.


Design conceptual posters for an "exhibition" at the Hammer Museum Los Angeles

Adobe Illustrator

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logo for coding project
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club logo
design exploration with perspective and structures
copic markers and micron pens