ap studio art

Junior year of high school, I took AP Studio Art for a first-period class. From 7-8 every morning I was creating and had the opportunity to truly express myself. Here is a collection of the pieces I submitted for the AP exam, for which I received a 5 on!


The breadth pieces range from direct observational sketches and drawings to mixed media pieces with deeper meanings. Mediums used include charcoal, oil pastel, color pencil, chalk pastel, and watercolor. I love to utilize color and textures to represent certain emotions and feelings. There is also the use of correct perspectives and artistic techniques. 


My concentration was "masks," examining both the physical representations of masks and the emotional masks in society. With the rise of social media and technology, facades and fake images are presented to users online. Often times the truth is hidden and we are forced to develop false perceptions/views of others. I work to illustrate the false representations and emotions that arise from maintaining a facade.